Monday 26 February 2024

Shrubland Hall,

First post by Amanda Crump!

Just before Christmas activities I headed my first little project. We were approached by another community group asking us to produce a piece of work centred around the old Shrubland Hall, which, in the early 1900's was situated where the Bury Road/Westbury Rd estate now is. With limited time this is what we came up with. 

We found virtually the only decent remaining picture of the old Shrubland Hall

We cut it into 4, and 4 members of our class each took a quarter and reproduced it each in the size of A3, in their own style. 

The Result

Interesting facts: many of the bricks used to build the estate were sourced from this old hall.
                                     : the only remaining part of the Hall or gardens is one huge cedar tree. Were not                         sure which one, but we think its set back off of Kingsway somewhere....

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