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Our Aims
The aims of 'Painting for Pleasure' are to provide a supportive environment for painting and drawing in any medium, to be explored by those with disabilities and difficulties or living with illness, including carers. The group is open to anyone in danger of becoming isolated in the community. By attending the class, participants will improve their abilities, knowledge, confidence and social skills, thereby improving their overall quality of life.

Our Beginnings
The group was started in 1995 and was run by two sisters. Painting for Pleasure had at one time been a part of and funded by Warwickshire College, and then later funded by Community Education. Upon the sisters' retirement, Psychotherapist Margaret Godwin took over the group and artist Grace Newman later came on board to help. At the end of 2005, funding came to an end from Community Education, who told us that it was due to a change in government policy towards numeracy and literacy.
Once funding was stopped, the group needed to form a committee and apply for outside funding to keep the classes running. Chaired by Jayne Canning, a committee was formed and a constitution made. The group has run successfully ever since. Regular art sessional workers are Helena Godwin and Grace Newman.

What we do
Classes are held weekly on a Wednesday at The Westbury Centre, Westlea Road, Kingsway Borough, South Leamington, CV31 3JE. This is a deprived area and we are ideally placed to help those most in need in the local area. However, we do attract members from the wider Warwickshire area as we are unique in our area.
'Painting for Pleasure' take their members on educational trips to art galleries and hold exhibitions in Leamington of member's work. Exhibiting gives members a real boost of confidence, sense of achievement and increased standing in the community. The most recent exhibition was held at the Parish Church, Leamington Spa in August 2016 as part of The Camouflage Festival.
Although painting and drawing is an integral part of what we do, it can be seen as a vehicle for other things, such as decreasing isolation and increasing skills and confidence. The class is a very sociable place, where members help each other to learn and create, establishing long-term friendships which extend outside the class.

The class has an eclectic mix of abilities and disabilities from all areas of the community, benefiting all that attend.

This is our base, The Westbury Centre, painted by Louise.

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